Vordan Karmir*

The band was formed in 2005 in Vanadzor by Vahan Poghosyan, Davit Grigoryan, Davit Galstyan and Vardan Paremuzyan, and has played a number of concerts and festivals, as well as in different clubs in Armenia, US, UK, Germany, Spain, Georgia and Russia. As a result of the lead singer’s military service in 2006, the band was on hiatus for 2 years and reunited in 2008. Vardan Paremuzyan has already left the band. In 2010, Vordan Karmir entered its second age when Paykar Chakhoyan replaced Vardan as a drummer.

From the very first day of Vordan Karmir’s existence, the band members have striven to create a new form of art within the Armenian musical sphere, as they strongly believe that art is a powerful tool for change.

This approach is reflected both in their lyrics and the musical projects in which they take part. Thorny issues such as corruption, social indifference, etc., are explored in their songs – a fact that has often led to the band not being allowed to perform at certain “public events” in Armenia.

Vordan Karmir’s first release (2010) was a self-titled EP, three songs of which have enjoyed air time on both Russian and Armenian radio and television.

In 2012 the band released a 6-song EP titled Not an Album.

Vordan Karmir’s first full-length album titled A4 was released in 2013. The album was promoted not only in Armenia but also in Europe with a small tour in the UK, Germany, Spain.

In 2014 Vordan Karmir played a number of shows in Armenia, was recognized as the best band by Vanadzor town hall.
In 2015 the band continued playing concerts in Armenia, participated in Haykyan Awards sponsored by the President of Armenia, Serj Sargsyan.

Vordan Karmir produced 2 video clips in 2015 – Leblebijner Chorus and The Voice of Tomorrow.

Vordan Karmir was invited to play at SXSW 2015 in Austin, TX, US. They were the first band ever from Armenia to perform at SXSW.

Line up
Vahan Poghosyan – vocals
Davit Grigoryan – guitar
Davit Galstyan – bass
Paykar Chakhoyan – drums

Major appearances 2005-2015

Rock‘n’People Yerevan International Rock Festival, Armenia
Fête de la Musique, Yerevan Armenia
Armenian Youth for Social Justice, Vanadzor, Armenia
Armenian Rock for Human Rights Protection, Yerevan, Armenia
Diversity Rock Festival (Council of Europe Anti-Discrimination Campaign), Yerevan, Armenia
Highland Metal Fest, Yerevan, Armenia
Rock the Borders International Festival, Yerevan, Armenia
Antitoxin Rock Concert, Yerevan, Armenia
Nature Rocks (Rock concert, SunChild International Env. Festival), Yerevan, Armenia
Our Voices for Our Year (self-organized with UN DPI support), Vanadzor, Armenia
Human Rights – Rock! 2010, 2011, 2012 (UN DPI, OSCE, Ombudsman’s office), Yerevan, Armenia
Emergenza Festival – 2012 Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev
W:O:A Metal-Battle Festival 2013, Georgia
Local gigs in Yerevan 2014, 2015
Haykyan Awards 2015 sponsored by the President of Armenia
SXSW 2015, Austin, TX, US

* The name Vordan Karmir (Cochineal Red Armenian) is related to an endangered Armenian insect, from which red carmine paint used to be made since the 5th century AD. Since the 13th century, as a result of a series of invasions of foreign species, insect numbers fell and production of Vordan Karmir decreased. The ancient method has been forgotten, but the paint is prized for its unfading colour and beauty – a legacy Vordan Karmir strives for in their music.


Psycho-energetic Armenia-based band that was ascribed to nu metal genre but time-proved to be something favorably different.

Making themselves known with the titillating vibes of the “Effervescent Happiness” and the grinding sound of the “Rust” in 2005, these four guys now appear with revved-up intransigence of “A4 Faces” and denudative candour of “Pornographic Relations”.

It is truly rare when a band holds up to its initial genuine philosophy and doesn’t trade-off his position for telling people what they expect and like hearing.

It does take some power to pave a diverse path through convention and well-established musical traditions. It takes even more power to make that path visible and acceptable for public.

Vordan Karmir is just such a band. Intent on forging their own rules in the contemporary metal game, hell-bent to have their voices heard, Vordan Karmir takes a shape among distinguished metal bands of the time.

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