Critical Sound

Can you hear this sound?
Can you feel this sound in your brains?

Do you think survival is success?
Or you wait for someone’s act of faith?
Name you fear, name your demon, name your void.
Have the courage, have a will to unfold.

Crack the system, crack the plight, emerge.
Don’t be scared of dead end, go on search.
Name your sloth, name malaise and heal ^
Feel this sound, take this thought and win.

Let’s afford ourselves to dream.
And not be shy, and not afraid to beam.

Can you feel this?
Can you feel this sound?
Can you taste it?
Can you taste it now?


Critical thinking to hope – hope to belief
Poetic thought of Steve M. Greenberg

Armenia, a country with a future steeped in the past
A country where survival is success
And where success by any other name is unfathomable

A country where history abounds
And the course of time leaves only ash but no learning in its wake
A country where hope is not found, and despair is a small glimmer

What will release you oh great country of Armenia
What act of faith will it take to allow hope to emerge
What act of courage of soul will let the past be done and the future unfold

What paradox of life makes a people successful everywhere but in their homeland?
What fear pervades the day that it turns day into night and night into a void
Name this fear, name this paradox and hope will emerge.

Name this malaise and the patient can heal
Name what you will but think, think critically of the choices you make but think and then believe.

Think of the history, think of the success, think of the children who yearn to find more
But look not here but on a distant shore.

Look at your systems, look at your leaders, look at the market and see goods all the same
Oligarch, despot, surrender it is all the same.
Look to ideas, to think a see a new way, look at the difference that can only come from you.

Look at the record, look at the plight, does the world hold you back or is another the cause of our plight.

The reports exist, the records are there. The system is rigged, it is grossly unfair.
The system is rigged and the reaction is bleak, leave for a better life, stay and be meek.

But an alternative lives, an alternative can succeed, it exists in our bodies that work so hard, it can be led by our minds.

Hope is an emotion, an idea yet to come, is it real is it possible, will, can it be done.

Done it can be, perhaps not as we hoped , but hope as a concept is a dream yet to be done and belief is faith in that hope..

So think hard Armenia, think hard and look. What of your schools what of your books.
What of lethargy and sloth, what of a system of untold cost. Is it possible to be better, it is possible to dream, can a world unknown be a world worthy of a dream

Based on a poem by Steven M. Greenberg.
Music by Vordan Karmir.

Steven Greenberg is a volunteer at Peace Corps in Vanadzor. He is a bright man who inspired us and many other young people in Vanadzor. His work cannot be overstated because motivating and inspiring people can lead youth to great deeds.

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