A4 full-length

A4 cover art


1. Testosterone
2. Red Beast
3. Sexy Monkey
4. Pure Poison
5. A4 Faces
6. Flaming Memories
7. Eyes Too Wide
8. Fish Heart
9. Song to My Son
10. White Elephants
11. Ogre Mushrooms
12. Up or Down

Not an Album EP

Not an Album


1. White Elephants
2. Political Drama
3. Pornographic Relations
4. A4 Faces
5. Vordan Colors
6. Evolution Tick

Vordan Karmir EP

Vordan Karmir EP cover art

Get the CD from music stores of Yerevan and Vanadzor, also from CDBaby and iTunes.


  1. A Voice Has Tolled
  2. Ogre Mushrooms *
  3. Vordan Colors

Cartoon characters by Ara Poghosyan.
Design by Samvel Tatoyan.

Recording and mixing in “Sharmony Studio” by Arman Avetisyan Tigran Kuzikyan
* Recorded in Vibrographus studio, mixed by Serj Melkonyan.

All rights reserved. Any unauthorized copying, recording, re-recording, performance or
broadcasting of the material included on this cd is a violation of international copy righting laws.

(C) & (P) 2010 “Vordan Karmir”. Produced and distributed by Vahan Poghosyan.

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